New to Tessuti: Champion Menswear

New to Tessuti: Champion Menswear

In the world of fashion, the pressure to move with the crowd can be overwhelming. Time and time again brands and designers have found themselves swept away from their core values on the whims of the industry and accompanying media outlets. Once on the edge it’s often too difficult to find a way back. It’s worth reminding ourselves, occasionally, that some of the best brands and products in fashion just stay the same. Champion is precisely one of those brands.

Champion’s roots can be traced back just short of a century ago in 1919, to a woollen mill in Rochester, New York. Two brothers, Abraham and William Feinbloom, began manufacturing athletic goods which due to demand were sold directly to College’s for their sporting stars and student fans. Reports from coaches and athletes alike often noted that the requirement to wash the items in bulk at high temperatures led to shrinkage. This began the companies mission to develop a technology that would allow little to no reduction in size. After numerous tests and design phases the iconic Champion Reverse Weave sweatshirt was patented and taken to market as the best in sports performance design.

The late sixties that saw the birth of the small ‘C’ branding we’re all familiar with today. The ‘C’ was introduced following a period of trials and various logos, just in time for the brands contract as sole outfitter for college football. It is this incarnation of branding that has endured and taken Champion from a sports supplier to an international fashion brand adorning sports stars, punk bands, skate kids and hip hop giants. If small logos have traditionally represented a preppy, wealthy population, the ‘C’ is the uniform of the masses.

Fast forward to the current day and the brand is stronger than ever; it’s influence is penetrating. Champion has expanded to high fashion while remaining true to a small, but faithful, global fan base. At Tessuti we’ll be carrying the classic Champion Reverse Weave collection, just as good now as the day it was created. It adds to our ever-growing athleisure offering. Style up or down, Champion presents numerous opportunities each as on trend as the last and with maximum comfort. All this, by just staying the same.

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