Unsure of your size? Fit Finder has the solution

Unsure of your size? Fit Finder has the solution

We’ve all been there. You’ve seen that special something you can’t live without but when you look at the size guide you can’t make head nor tail of it. It doesn’t help matters that international brands will use international sizing and some brands even have their own individual size systems. So if you’re questioning which size to pick, you’re certainly not alone.

That’s where Fit Finder comes in. Revolutionary technology designed to ensure you get the right fit every time, Fit Finder creates your own personal “fit profile” based on those who are similar to you in height, weight, age and body shape. Simple and easy to use, follow the steps below to determine which size is right for you.
Firstly, select the product you are interested in and click through to the product page. Underneath the sizes available in stock, you will see an icon that says “Size Finder”. Click this icon in order to open up the Fit Finder window.

After a pop-up window should have appeared, you will be prompted to input your height and weight – with the option to choose between centimetres or inches, kilograms or stones (for those who are more metrically minded among us). Once you’ve input your measurements, select continue.


Step 1


Now you will be asked to select your belly shape from the range of options available to you. As tempting as it may be to project the flattest figure possible, it’s best to be honest and select the shape you think is the most reflective. Once selected, you’ll be asked to follow the same process for your chest shape, ranging from slim to broad.


Step 2


Step 3


The next question is your age. We hear you, it’s not usually a question you’d discuss with strangers but Fit Finder asks for this information as age has an impact on how your weight is distributed, so by knowing your age it can assist them in selecting the right size.


Step 4


The last stage is your fit preference. Is this a hoody you’d like to keep relaxed or perhaps a slim fitting shirt you would like with a closer fit? Let Fit Finder know what type of fit you’d like the most and voilà – they’ll recommend accordingly. Their tailored response is based on the answers you’ve given and those from other people just like you, creating a reliable recommendation for each item that you use it with. Once you’re happy, add the item to your basket and it’s as simple as that.


Step 5


Knowing exactly which size to choose can save you time and money, so next time you’re having a sizing dilemma, why not give Fit Finder a go.


Step 6

Shop New Arrivals now on Tessuti and use Fit Finder to find your perfect size.

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