Top Fashion Trends Roundup of 2021

Top Fashion Trends Roundup of 2021

The past year has been an uncertain one, and fashion trends have taken turns that many of us didn’t quite expect. This being said, many of us have embraced new trends like never before as we get excited to get back into the world and show off who we really are with what we wear. This is your 2021 Fashion Trends Round Up.


Many of us didn’t expect to see Y2K fashion come back so soon, but it’s certainly come back with a bang. With people donning their Juicy Couture tracksuits, bold colours and low rise jeans, the 2000s trends have decided to hang around a little longer and we for one, are here for it. The trend brings fun and playfulness back into our wardrobes which is much needed after the past year or so. It’s time to stop taking fashion so seriously and have a little fun with it. Shop Juicy Couture and more at Tessuti now and re-discover your Y2K wardrobe.


An even more recent trend that has made a comeback is the UGG boot. You might remember trying to get away with wearing them to school around 2010, or maybe you lusted after a pair but never quite got them before they dropped off the trend radar. Well, now you’ve got another chance to give them the revamp they deserve. UGG are back and better than ever. Style the ultra-minis with a pair of white socks and leggings for a cool casual look, or pair with your fave loungewear for the ultimate cosy day. Shop UGG at Tessuti now.


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Neutrals were a huge trend for 2021 and will continue into 2022. We’ve seen the likes of UGG, Calvin Klein and many more embrace the trend with open arms, and it’s an easy go-to for a classic minimal look. From accessories to full monochromatic looks, Tessuti has a wide range of on-trend pieces for the year ahead. Find your neutrals here.


Logos fell off the trend radar for a few seasons as people headed towards more minimal looks, but logo-mania is back. As seen on the runways of Chanel, Versace and more, logo prints have been big for 2021 and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Whether it’s a Valentino Bag or bold logos from DSquared2, let everyone know what brand you’re representing with bold logos at Tessuti.

Lug Sole Boots

Lug-Sole Boots

Many footwear brands have taken inspiration from Prada this year with lug-sole boots being a huge trend. With links to ‘90s grunge, many have been adding a little bit of edge to their everyday outfits with the likes of Lemon Jelly, ASH Footwear and more. Function and practical, yet classic and contemporary. They’re a staple for every wardrobe for every season when living in Britain.

Gender-neutral Fashion

Last on our list of 2021 fashion trends is Gender-Neutral fashion. With oversized graphic tees being worn by everyone regardless of gender, and the likes of Harry Styles and Kid Cudi breaking gender-norms with dresses and skirts, the traditional view of gendered fashion has taken a turn for the better. Fashion this year is all about what makes you happy. Shop brands like Represent, Forty and more for oversized tees, and discover all that Tessuti has to offer here.

Find your favourite fashion trends of 2021 with Tessuti.

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