The Essential Guide: 24 Hours In Copenhagen

The Essential Guide: 24 Hours In Copenhagen


Just a two hour flight away, a visit to Denmark never disappoints. From the non-chalant art scene, to easygoing and classic Scandinavian style, we are confirming our love for Copenhagen by showing all that you can do in one day. So even if you have just 24 hours to spare, we’d recommend timing them for the end of May/ June and including one night of the CPH Distortion street festival which will undoubtedly finish your trip in true style.


10am – 11am

Tuborg Bottle, Hellerup.

Known by some as the ‘Danish Eiffel Tower’ the Tuborgflasken was originally built for an exhibition, now what looks like a giant beer bottle is actually an observation tower which has been standing in the city since 1888, for the last few decades in Hellerup marking the exact spot in which the beer was originally produced. Sadly, you can no longer take a view of the city from the bottle, but it’s well worth the trip for a peek at one of Copenhagen’s quirkiest and lesser known attractions.


11am – 1pm

Wander around town, taking a trip to Le Fix.

From Hellerup, you can take the train to the city in 15 minutes. It’s easy to navigate and you’ll find yourself tempted by boutiques, design destination Illums Bolighus and innovative concept stores. One of our personal favourites; the brand Le Fix have multiple stores, even 3 tattoo parlours dotted around the city, as well as their open design studio/ showroom. Located on Guldbergsgade in the Nørrebro district, you will no doubt find a new piece here for the CPH Distortion Festival. Picking up a famous strawberry sauce topped ice-cream while you’re in town is optional but highly recommended.

1pm – 3pm

Boat trip around Nyhaven.

Grab a traditional Smørrebrød; we’d recommend traditional Gravlaks, or for the vegetarians avocado, the Danish coffee for a pick me up, and of course you cannot miss an authentic Danish pastry. Now you’re ready for a 1 hr boat trip around Nyhaven where you’ll see, smell and hear (in Danish and English) the diversity of the Scandinavian city with photo opportunities aplenty. Starting in the most expensive part of the city you’ll quickly pass by the Opera House, Marble Church and Royal Palace. Also being able to take a look the highly talked about ultra-green, waste-to-energy power plant, complete with ski slope roof; as well as one of the most significant Danish landmarks the Black Diamond. See you if you can spot the Little Mermaid around here too.



3pm – 4pm

Freshen up at SP34 Hotel.

Then, take a 30 min stroll to the hotel SP-34 where you’ll be greeted with the perfect balance of simple yet elegant scandi architecture. If you didn’t get your Danish for the boat you should most definitely pick one up in this area. Being known as the Bohemian district in the Latin Quarter, you’ll find artisan pastry shops, design boutiques and a relaxed, easy atmosphere. The perfect setting in which to put up your feet before freshening up and heading out to CPH Distortion Festival.

4pm – Late

Distortion Festival

What in 1998 started as an experimental project consisting of intimate BBQ’s & boat parties over the city has now turned in to a non-profit Foundation which lays host to a 5 day long party, travelling through Copenhagen districts each day. Kicking off at 4pm – late every day, roads are closed to accommodate the young to old, rich to poor joining together in celebration of a genuine love for Copenhagen. Resulting in a very special atmosphere with a world wide reputation for being the craziest street party in the world – an opportunity & experience like no other that’s definitely not to be missed.


Thanks to Le Fix for taking us along to the beautiful city of Copenhagen.


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