Tessuti Plays: Top Spring/Summer songs

Tessuti Plays: Top Spring/Summer songs

Whilst it never lasts, the sun is out in the Uk at the moment and the scent of summer is just around the corner. This means that now is the time to build your perfect summer playlist, never an easy job, but one we can help with. Here are 5 must-have songs for your spring/summer playlist…


Round the Bend / Malady

Malady are one of London’s most exciting new music acts over the last few years. Fusing a blend of main stage indie riffs with an undercurrent of post-rave basslines that, when used together, produce a unique sound separating them from the rest of London’s musical underground scene. Round The Bend, their most recent release, is perfect to kick off any summer event or close any after party.

Anything But Me / MUNA

A moody summer anthem is, at this point, a requirement for every summer playlist. MUNA brings together elements of late ‘80s early ‘90s power ballads with a smooth collection of delicate guitar riffs and choral vocals that in harmony produce one of this year’s spring/summer must-listens.

Whatever Simon Says / Mahalia

Subverting rigid social norms and addressing problematic pressures on women, Mahalia’s Whatever Simon Says reframes the gaze through which women are viewed. Powerful yet relaxed, with an underbelly of funk depth, Mahalia has once again created a song that has to be on your playlist this summer.


Sometimes you want to just sit in the sun and just enjoy the moment. Birmingham’s SIPHO brings one of the most extensive vocal ranges of any UK artist currently making music. The raw power behind the vocals, combined with the deep melodic beats produces a symphony of stillness that will allow you to soak up the sun without anything on your mind. One of the standout emerging artists of 2022, SIPHO is a must have on any playlist this summer.

NGL / M1llionz

Arguably the fastest growing grime/drill artist in the scene throughout 2021, M1llionz is continuing his outstanding form in 2022 with his most recent release NGL. Sometimes an energy injection is needed at a summer party, you can rely on M1llionz to provide that. His unique flow and accent combined with his vivid lyricism will get everyone in the mood for a summer motive.

Words by Jai Mcintosh of The Essential Journal

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