Accessories Alert: Love Moschino and Valentino by Mario Valentino

Accessories Alert: Love Moschino and Valentino by Mario Valentino

During this time of year, it’s easy to focus on the big staples like jackets and jumpers, but let’s take a moment to have a look at the hottest accessories for the coldest months from Love Moschino and Valentino by Mario Valentino.

The Little Black Bag

You’ve all heard of the little black dress, but what’s the LBD without its trusty companion? The Valentino by Mario Valentino Divina bag is one of our bestsellers, and it’s no surprise when it serves up luxury and elegance. With simplicity that will compliment any outfit and any occasion; it’s also made from synthetic leather meaning it is also vegan-friendly. Or for someone who wants to make a little bit more of a statement, we also have the Love Moschino Teddy Fur bag which adds texture, and is also vegan-friendly.


Belts don’t just serve as a practical item to hold up your trousers; you can also use them as a statement piece to uplift your basics. For something simple, our range of Valentino by Mario Valentino Belts will suit any outfit of your choosing. The red patent belt will add a pop of colour and is a great addition to your accessories.

Weekend Bags

Whether you’re planning on seeing your family over the Christmas period, or looking for that much needed getaway next year; a weekend bag is an essential. From bold logos to simplistic designs, we think you’ll enjoy what Valentino by Mario Valentino have to offer with their weekend bags.

The Practical on-the-go Bags

Out and about but don’t want your bag weighing you down with unnecessary items? If all you need is your phone, loaded up with that all essential Apple Pay or Google Pay, then Valentino by Mario Valentino have the bag for you. The Ocarina is designed purely with your mobile device in mind. Or for those extra essentials, a bumbag is another great choice for maximum security.

Shopper Bag

Finally, we have possibly one of the biggest essential accessories on this list; the shopper bag. You can use this for everyday wear, as well as your all-important shopping trips. This Love Moschino Bowling Bag is not only a great option for shopping, but will also fit your essentials for one-night stays away from home.

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