An Introduction To Koomz

An Introduction To Koomz

Want to know who you should be looking out for in 2019? Koomz is one to watch this year. This singer-songwriter from London is the up and coming star of the moment, with over 10 million views on his hit song ‘Mariah’. We got the chance to work with him in collaboration with Marbek.

koomz tessuti marbek

Koomz started working at the age of 16 in order to earn enough money to buy a camera and start making Youtube videos. Starting as Youtuber, he then got signed by Relentless after he released Mariah on his Spotify which went viral and threw him into the spotlight. At the age of 19, Koomz has achieved a lot and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store.

We went backstage on his shoot with Marbek for Tessuti to find out a bit more about him. Sporting his iconic ‘Koomz’ necklace he answered some quick fire questions for us. We found out that he likes; casual over smart, t-shirts over shirts, trousers over shorts, and he loves wearing sunglasses indoors. A true star in the making.

koomz tessuti marbek

We have some exciting content lined up this year with Koomz and he kicked it off in December 2018 by performing alongside Aitch at the Tessuti X Marbek event at our new Trafford store. To a large crowd of fans, he performed a couple of songs including his hit ‘Mariah’ to celebrate the launch of Marbek in Tessuti.

Founded in 2010, Marbek is a brand that provides luxury streetwear for the young individual with a strong sense of style. Koomz embodies just that. With style in both his music and his clothing, get ready for a lot more to come from Koomz and Tessuti will be along for the ride.

Check out Marbek at Tessuti.

Visit Koomz’s Youtube channel here.

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