AW18: behind the scenes on a fashion shoot

AW18: behind the scenes on a fashion shoot

Take a sneak peak of what goes on behind the scenes of a seasonal fashion shoot at Tessuti.

For our Autumn shoot we created a luxurious set. We concentrated on emphasising depth and perspective to complement the rich tones of autumn, alongside echoing the finest details in our stores; metallics, woods and geometric shapes.

Boards were printed in a variety of textures and sizes for a natural, rich look before being suspended at altering levels to create new dimensions and a sense of wanderlust. We’ve created something different. Remaining complementary to each look and allowing personality of Tessuti to fully shine through.

Hereā€™s a sneak peek at what to expect from IUTER, C.P. Company and Parajumpers. Not forgetting the women with favourite Calvin Klein and Karl Lagerfeld which weā€™re excited to be stocking for the first time this season.

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