Barbour International X Pip Millett: Six Tips For Dressing To Inspire Performance

Barbour International X Pip Millett: Six Tips For Dressing To Inspire Performance

All the world’s a stage, whether you’re in front of the mic, the mirror or the big meeting. Collaborating with our friends over at Barbour International, we bring you a very special Six at Six feature on dressing to inspire performance with the incredibly talented singer-songwriter, Pip Millett.

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In the words of Pip, here are her six tips.

Tip One

My first tip is to make sure you’re comfortable. If you want to be open with your music, you need to feel comfortable and a large part of that comes from how you feel in your clothes — my preferred outfit is a tracksuit when I’m writing.

Tip Two

When you’re performing on stage you want to have a big presence. Of course part of that comes from the music and your chat between songs, but costume is the first thing your audience actually sees. Bright colours or slightly reflective materials are both things I like to wear. The more glam or vibey you feel in the way you look, the more comfortable you’ll actually feel on stage, which really does help with stage presence.

Tip Three

My third tip is to do with your mood. Depending on what you’re singing about, you might want your clothes to match the mood — I find this helps put me in a certain mindset. For example, if you’re wearing something you feel sexy in, chances are you’re going to come out with a song that reflects that.

Tip Four

Tip number four is about setting. When you’re performing at different places, the outfits that inspire that performance are bound to change. If you’re performing at a festival one night and in a jazz bar the next, you might want a different look for each — the casual, floaty, barefoot energy may not be a vibe in a jazz bar.

Tip Five

My fifth tip is to match clothes to the occasion. When you’re performing at an event that isn’t one of your own headline shows, I think dress code changes. With things like company events or parties, you can take a more chilled approach. Chances are shows like this will be a bit more intimate, so it’s really important that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Tip Six

My final tip is to show your personality. The best thing you can do to feel like yourself on stage is to dress like yourself. It’s really difficult to feel confident and comfortable when you’re in something you think is quite frankly, kinda ugly, so always go with things you actually like and feel you look good in.

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