Barbour International Year Round Essentials

Barbour International Year Round Essentials

This week on The Tessuti Edit, the spotlight is on Barbour International. The British heritage brand brings luxurious high quality pieces that are made to last, all year round. With that in mind, we look into the best year round essentials from Barbour International.

British Weather is constantly changing. It’s constantly unpredictable. Even in the middle of August we can face downpours of rain and chilly storms. This is why it’s essential to have a lightweight coat in your wardrobe that you can wear year round.

Barbour International Match Belt Jacket

This soft cream coloured women’s jacket is the perfect year round essential. The cream colour makes it ideal for every season by brightening up winter days, and not looking out of place when the colours of spring start to make an appearance. It also attracts less sun than black would, so if you wear this on sunny days when there’s still a cold gust of wind, it should keep you at a comfortable temperature even when the wind stops. Wear it all zipped up during Winter months, and zipped down during the slightly warmer days.

Barbour International Afton Wax JacketMoving on to menswear, the Afton Wax Jacket is the perfect year rounder. With a traditional wax coating which adds a water resistant layer to the jacket, it’s ideal for unexpected bouts of rain whilst being lightweight enough to not make you overheat. The quilted lining also makes it ideal for colder days by zipping it up and staying insulated.

Shop the Barbour International range at Tessuti now and discover your year round essentials.

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