Barbour X Engineered Garments: all you need to know

Barbour X Engineered Garments: all you need to know

Collaborations have become part of the scenery in modern fashion. Often they present an opportunity for brands to view their products through a new lens, negotiating the design beliefs of the two collaborating parties. Occasionally two seemingly incompatible brands can easily reach a deadlock. Sometimes, though, collaborations just make sense. Thatā€™s certainly the case when it comes to the Barbour X Engineered Garments collaboration that was released today.

The two menswear titans, one generations old, one new, rubbed their heads together to bring the world a capsule collection that showcases their talents and justifies their huge reputations. Five jackets, five pieces of exemplary design, five demonstrations of how to collaborate properly.

Since the project was announced back in September fans of both brands have waited eagerly to see what magic exactly Daiki Suzuki would be able to perform when let loose in Barbourā€™s extensive archive.

The Japanese-American designer has a plenty of experience when it comes to reinventing iconic styles. His brand, Engineered Garments has been doing precisely that from day one, producing intricate collections that play with the standards of vintage militaria, workwear and Ivy League style. In fact, the brandā€™s name derives from a trip to a pattern cutter who hailed Suzukiā€™s designs as feats of engineering rather than design. His efforts in this collection showcase that unique ability perfectly.

The five pieces in the collection each take their cues from celebrated Barbour archive pieces. In anticipation of the collectionā€™s launch on the 20th of August weā€™ll be taking a more detailed look at each jacket on our blog.

The Barbour X Engineered Garments Collection will be available online and in our Chester store on the 20th of August.

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