Behind The Badge: Forty

Behind The Badge: Forty

Native to Glasgow, Forty Clothing has arrived at Tessuti with a burgeoning reputation as one of the UK’s most exciting new streetwear brands and we go behind the badge with the founder, Harry Miller of one of the newest brands to land.

Harry Miller on Forty Clothing

First and foremost it’s about doing what you love, Forty about a collective of people together, who also love what they do and how we make it better. Forty is always about developing, but most importantly it’s about creating a place that people can put their heart and soul into and that’s what Forty is now. We all bring our experiences and what leads us to this place is our experiences, what our passions are and what we’ve always seen ourselves as.


I kind of grew up in a time where, the whole rave scene had really started to take hold and there was definite aspects of clothing i.e from the football side of things and what it represented and why people wore certain things. But, the music aspect for me was that new aspect of house and rave culture and what it meant to us. You didn’t have to know people when you got there, almost a sense of inclusivity, that common goal, that common purpose of just turning up, getting involved and having an absolutely amazing time. No matter what you do in life, whether it’s music of fashion, you can always share that same sense of honesty. For me, that’s where that lineage has come.

The Forty family is everyone. That could be the person walking through the door or the person that goes online. Forty is not about that one stand out person, it’s about everyone, because that’s what this is, it’s a collective. That’s what the Forty family is. When we started out, all we wanted to do was make product and tell stories through the garments. We’ve got this environment of inclusivity and actually understanding that we all make up ‘The Monster’. We listen and take on what each person says.


For me, retail is absolutely essential, bricks and mortar retail is essential because that is where you genuinely build up that relationship with the person who has walked through the door. We’ve now started to give the new collection more of a direction with an essential part of the collection being ‘The Monster’ badge, focusing on more colours and the ‘Benjamin Monster’ still playing a role with the camouflage aspect. The collection for us at the moment is always evolving but we’re getting more structure to it.


When we talk about the collective aspect of Forty, the brand new part of the latest collection is ‘The Bailey’, which we use a motto for: Scientia Potenia Est which means Knowledge Is Power. The reason we use that is the whole aspect of the collective is to stop, listen and learn.

Clothing has always had a real emotional connection, it’s armour you put on and it’s amazing how a garment can make you feel. It can change your confidence and personality. That’s always been something that’s been a prevalence in my life, about connecting clothing and situations and how they make me feel. Even if i’ve had a bad experience in a certain garment, I wouldn’t wear it again.


Some collaborations we have done that we have loved, we collaborated with Carl Cox for Space in Ibiza, which was amazing. Music’s always been a massive part of it and that was just mind blowing. We only really want to work with people who have got that same understanding about that love, that passion, that honesty and it’s about putting a brand into the market place that’s even more key to us now, to make sure the people we work with have the same values that we do. When you’ve been handed that opportunity to do what you love and willingness to drive it forward, you need to not let that go away. With Forty, we have no expectations, but appreciate everything that we have got and the people around us. That’s what’s most important.

You can now shop street-ready pieces from Forty now.

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