Behind the Badge: In Conversation with Christopher Raeburn of ST-95

Behind the Badge: In Conversation with Christopher Raeburn of ST-95

Tessuti recently saw the launch of technical streetwear brand ST-95. Created by Christopher Raeburn; fashion designer and  global creative director of Ræburn and Timberland, we discuss everything you need to know about Christopher Raeburn’s latest fashion venture. Join us for the Behind the Badge with ST-95.

ST95 is all about a progressive aesthetic, it’s all about responsible design. It’s all about that material innovation and ultimately coming with a new vision of the brand. And ultimately that’s what this is all about.

Watch the interview above or read what Christopher Raeburn has to say about ST-95 below:

Fundamentally,  you’re building on a really solid foundation, but then you have that opportunity to, I think, be creative. We feel like we’re just getting going, you know, with this first collection, you know really quickly we’re there to accelerate built momentum and push, of course, on the aesthetic and of course, into the collection.

It’s all about recycled materials, but as we go forward, we’ll be testing,learning, growing in different ways, and that can be everything from, let’s say, the most innovative drying processes and thinking to natural dyes, et cetera, going forward.

So then, of course, jersey products being done in organics, regenerative recycled cottons. The really exciting thing for me as a designer now, when I think back on, what’s quickly becoming–scarily for me–to say a 20 year career, we’re now at this amazing moment where material innovation is in such a point that we can really create anything and do things really in a much more purposeful way that has a lot lower impact. And that’s part of what we’re really interested in, how we can bring that opportunity of our material innovations into our collection. 

We don’t talk about sustainability. We talk about our responsibility. And as a design company we have an ethos we call the three R’s. It’s all about remade, reduced, recycle. And if we’re not doing one or two or ideally all three of those things, we don’t do it. 

I think the really important thing for the people coming to view the product is they should know that they’d be getting an incredibly well-made, really progressive product that’ll last a long time. But it’s absolutely grounded in responsible materials through and thorough. I think it’s so important that the world we live in today. Very much working with the brand respecting, as I mentioned previously at the past, but how we can really look to the future.

Shop ST95 online at Tessuti now.

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