Behind the Badge: Li Ning

Behind the Badge: Li Ning

Founded by former Olympic gymnast, Li Ning, the apparel and footwear brand was created with the intention of providing Chinese athletes with a national brand to wear at the Olympics. New to Tessuti, this is a brand to have on your radar for luxury footwear and apparel with a streetwear edge.

Focusing on footwear they have combined western sportswear silhouettes with innovative fabrics and traditional Chinese details which has resulted in merging Chinese and Western styles to create the perfect hybrid. These are sneakers that will stand out from the crowd with their bold sole designs to make them both comfortable and striking.Ā Having dominated the sportswear market in China, Li Ning is now making waves in the Western world.

Their futuristic design is instantly recognisable with bold graphic prints on their urban apparel to accompany their sneaker offerings. Having started the brand in 1990 Li Ning has spent this time molding and crafting their brand to become a sleek and successful brand that has a strong identity running through each of their collections.

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