Behind The Badge: Red Run

Behind The Badge: Red Run

Recently launched at Tessuti is luxury activewear brand Red Run, catered towards empowering women to look and feel good. Now we delve into the brand a little further with a Q&A to find out more about who Red Run really are.

What goes into the designing process?

Before I commence the designs for any collection, I clear my work area and light a scented candle – this relaxes me and allows me to be more focused. I’ll always start with research, looking at next seasons colour & trend predictions.  I also get my Inspiration from everyday images, objects and scenes.

How do you feel when you see people wearing the product?

The first time we saw a customer wearing Red Run felt a little strange, but did make us realise how far reaching the brand had got in a short space of time.  This made us want to build and grow the brand further.

What was it like opening a business during lockdown?

Lots of sleepless nights, heated debates and some tears were shed during the first few months.  We have a vision of what we want and nothing less is good enough.  Lockdown has made our sourcing of high quality Italian/Portuguese fabrics more complex, but we persisted as this was a must have for us.

What have you had to do differently to succeed during a pandemic?

We engaged with our following on Instagram for a significant period of time to listen & gain feedback on what they needed.  It became very apparent that the need for comfortable clothing for working at home, teams calls and exercising was key.  The research has continued and helped us shape our future collections also.

Tell us more about the materials used

Our cottons/jersey are 100% organic – it has less impact on the earth, uses 88% less water and 62% less energy. Our Nylons are 100% recycled with 50% less energy consumption, land fill and co2 emissions.   However, we are on a journey e.g. we are yet to find a legging fabric that is both 100% sustainable and fits right.

What are some of the most popular pieces?

To date our most popular outfit has been the legging and drawstring crop.  The feedback to date has been that customers love the unique weighted drawstring and how the outfit compliments all body shapes and sizes.

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

Our favourite piece by far is the new petroleum oversized hoodie – we just love the thick drawstring around the hood and how it looks when paired with the matching leggings.

Shop the collection at Tessuti now.

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