Behind the Badge: RRD

Behind the Badge: RRD

In case you missed it, RRD is the latest brand to drop at Tessuti. Founded between Hawaii and Italy, it creates the perfect blend of high-end Italian fashion, alongside practical materials and craftmanship. Whether you’re new to the brand or just want to know a little more about the man behind the badge then read on.

Robert Ricci started windsurfing in 1981. Like most people his age at the time, he saw windsurfing as the new classic Californian summer sport and he very quickly fell in love with it. Only four years later he was racing all over Europe. He gained a job with a windsurfing company in Italy where he would start to learn about shaping boards. Here, he was able to make a career for himself out of something he was passionate for, and things grew further from there.

RRD Clothing

Only a short time later, RRD was growing. His mother owned a small shirt factory, operating entirely out of their family home. Through her, he learned how to use a sewing machine and cut and assemble fabric from a young age. Combining his recently found skills in board shaping alongside his textile skills, RRD was born. Selling apparel and windsurfing equipment, RRD has since made quite the name for itself and has an offering for those who may not even partake in water sports themselves.

Ricci gains inspiration from the likes of Giorgio Armani and Yvon Chouinard (the owner of Patagonia). He wishes for his designs to look like an Armani suite and at the same time, take on a Patagonia approach with practicality woven throughout. This is clear to see when the products on offer look like something you could wear for evening drinks in the city or for a smart-casual look, whilst they also remain highly practical and protect you from the elements.

Shop RRD now at Tessuti and discover the range.

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