Introducing: Blood Brother

Introducing: Blood Brother

We get more than a little excited when there’s a relatively new kid on the fashion block. And since 2011, you could say that there has been some fresh blood that has really shook up the UK menswear circuit. Yet whilst they’ve only been designing outstanding pieces for half a decade or so, Blood Brother have already built up a formidable reputation in a relatively short space of time.

Conceived in 2011 by Nicholas Biela and James Waller –  who met whilst both were at the London College of Fashion – Blood Brother are based in the sartorially savvy East End of London. Originally releasing sharp tees to test the waters, the brand soon built up a large, loyal, clued-up following who quickly saw that Blood Brother were one of the sharpest, most exciting brands to come out of the UK for some time.

Producing distinctive sartorial sportswear and vital, staple lifestyle pieces, Blood Brother use a piercing eye for detail, luxe fabrics, and stunning aesthetics to produce an outstanding contemporary look for the discerning gent. This is functionality greeting style, and comfort befriending forward-thinking.

Their newest range (SS17) is called ‘Homesick’ and is based on that quintessentially brilliant British institution: the summer holiday. Think refinement, think brilliantly designed and cut statement pieces, and think of a suitably fit-for-purpose range of prints and fabrics. If you do, you’ll be thinking of Blood Brother.

But also think of escaping the city on a Friday after work and heading straight away to the seaside… that’s why Blood Brother’s SS17 range also features menswear that gives more than a knowing nod to another great British summer institution: the weather. Its relaxed contemporary tailoring remixed with a sharp, urban twist, all whilst keeping one eye on the skies.

Blood Brother’s SS17 range is where the city meets the sea. Where the street meets the sand. And where clothes are functional, fun, stylish and innovative.

You’ll can find Blood Brother online at Tessuti and also at our Liverpool , Bluewater and Trafford Centre stores.


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