Brand Focus: Froccella

Brand Focus: Froccella

Add character to your outerwear collection and explore our current range from Froccella, the Parisian brand for the fashion-forward individual. As the ever-changing world of fashion continues to thrive, the brand is now located in the stylish city of Amsterdam, where it takes inspiration from all aspects of life to craft innovative, superbly unique designs.

Whether you want something understated or something that will grab the attention of envious passersby, there is something to match your needs and wants. Using high end materials, Froccella creates luxury outerwear in colours that range from vibrant red to two-tone black and white. 

Style is not their only strength though. With fur lined hoods and padded body, this is outerwear that will serve you all winter long. Despite its technical elements that provide endless comfort and warmth, these jackets have a fitted silhouette so that you can still feel stylish whilst keeping the chill out.

One of their many unique selling points is their range of gloss jackets. This hi-shine material is a twist on the classic winter jacket and will be sure to brighten those gloomy days. These jackets feel like a special item that you can bring out year after year to make you look forward to Winter that bit more each year.

Head to Tessuti to see what Froccella jackets we have to offer this season for your stand out winter essential.

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