Brand Focus: Kanuk

Brand Focus: Kanuk

In 1970, as the rest of the world embraced the seismic impact of hippies, rock and roll and space travel, in a small pocket of Canada’s eastern province an outerwear brand was born. Kanuk began with local inspirations and humble ambitions, but now, over thirty years later as the brand arrives here at Tessuti, it is a label with an emerging international reputation and an innovative approach to performance. So, what do you need to know about Kanuk?

Well, first things first, they’re a brand well placed to produce outerwear. Based in Canada’s eastern region of Quebec, the brand is used to extreme weather. Plummeting temperatures, blistering winds and a damp inclination make the area perfect for developing hard wearing jackets. However, their base in the metropolitan Montreal also provides a home that offers an insight into the requirements of the city scaling outerwear enthusiast. They’re a brand which can do it all.

Kanuk Womens coat

When it comes to technology Kanuk are pushing the boundaries of performance outerwear. They’re a brand who have been honing new technologies that are both ground breaking and environmentally effective. Developments such as their synthetic down filling are developed with a view to increase performance, particularly in adverse conditions. You can expect seasonal collections to display new tech features and design adjustments. There aren’t many brands with the same level of technical expertise.
In recent years the brand have taken a more directed approach toward city hybrid outerwear. With a cult following in many of Canada’s big cities, Kanuk have focused much of their energy on building jackets for the fashion forward commuter. Their jackets have taken an increasingly diverse tone. As in the wild the city has it’s own set of practical requirements that the brand are intent on serving. Keep an eye out for exciting design progressions over the coming seasons.

That’s it for now. It is with great pride we welcome Kanuk to our roster. We look forward to sharing their clear vision for progressive, contemporary outerwear. The range is available both in store and online now.

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