Brand Focus: Missoni

Brand Focus: Missoni

One measure of a good brand is its lasting impact. Whether itā€™s an ability to reinvent itself with the appointment of a new creative director, or an uncanny ability to produce the next big thing season after season, a brand that remains on the tip of our tongues must be a good one. Example? Missoni. The Italian brand has stayed at the forefront of all things fashion for well over half a century now. How? Letā€™s find out.

Family Focused
The team over at Missoni would tell you that a big part of their longevity is their strong family ethic. Although the brand has grown massively during its time, Missoni is still family owned and run. For most of you, the thought of working with your siblings might be crazy, but at Missoni keeping it in the family has been key to retaining their kitsch multi-coloured aesthetic. Vittorio Missoni, Margherita Missoni and Luca Missoni have all played their part developing their parentsā€™ and grandparentsā€™ original vision for luxury knitwear filled with a sense of fun. Theyā€™ve held a variety of roles at the label including across marketing, design and archiving.Ā 

Thanks to a knitting machine the brandā€™s founders discovered in their contracted factory Missoni became the home of technicoloured knitwear. By blending the colour of different yarns by machine Missoni created their iconic multi-coloured pieces. Armed with a distinctive look and well made products the label struck gold. Even now the variety of colours in each piece is what keeps us all coming back to the brand.

Over the years Missoni have innovated in many ways, sometimes without even realising it. Their manufacturing processes have always been ahead of the game. Knitting machines and unique fibres play a huge part in that. Style-wise though they have earned their stripes. During some of their early shows the brand caused controversy for their styling choices, occasionally presenting sheer pieces on female models. It turned out to be a handy choice and kick started the popularity of sheer clothing on the runway.

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