Brand Focus: Unlike Humans

Brand Focus: Unlike Humans

Refresh your premium footwear collection with an all-new selection from Unlike Humans. Enjoy a unique brand that continuously challenges its limits to create innovative, premium sneakers.

Since its conception, the brand has been in a state of perpetual evolution, aiming to be unlike anything already available on the market. Unlike Humans has become a respected footwear label that is completely unique. Injecting their philosophy into every design, they have expertly crafted new and exciting products for AW19. 

Available at Tessuti, we have a range of luxe footwear, designed with a vision to create trainers fit for the most elevated outfit combinations. That vision is evident where silhouettes are constructed from unique materials such as premium suede and nubuck leather, which elevate each piece far and beyond the average trainer. 

Tessuti Unlike Humans

Unlike Humans tells the story of enigmatic and breath-taking luxury, expertly crafted with the finest Italian fabrications. A catalogue of knowledge surrounding the fast-paced fashion industry of today inspires new and individual designs. Each pair is designed with individuality in mind and these sneakers are the perfect addition to a collector’s wardrobe.

Take a look at our carefully curated selection of sneakers that are guaranteed to smarten up your footwear collection. Shop our range now.

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