British Fashion Designers, Made in London: Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and More

British Fashion Designers, Made in London: Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and More

Thereā€™s a lot to be said for the impressiveness of British fashion. Itā€™s rooted in classic tailoring techniques yet refreshingly innovative at the same time. Our go to designer favourites below, range from the timeless heritage brands that never go out of style, to the amazing young British Fashion designers making a name for themselves both at home and across the UK.

Nottingham born Paul Smith is one of Britainā€™s most famous modern tailors, whose contributions to menswear earned him a Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. He started his business in his hometown in 1970, opening up his own shop. His colourful, bright and inventive approach to shirts and suits saw the business expand to London and eventually become the global brand it is today, with a huge twelve different collections all celebrating his mixture of the classic with the quirky.

The Derbyshire born British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, started her label at the beginning of the 70s and is credited with shaping fashion in the UK. She started by dressing the punk movement and using the Union Jack in many of her clothing items, and is now one of the most successful British brands. In the Seventies, inspired by S&M, bondage and bikers she began designing pieces that incorporated tartan, chains and safety pins, sold at her infamous Kings Road store and worn by the likes of the Sex Pistols. In her later years Westwood has become more known for her curve-hugging, corseted dresses. Basically, Vivienne Westwood is as British as you can get.

Holland Cooper celebrates Great British Excellence at its best. Jade founded the Holland Cooper label in 2008. It has since become the brand for classic British heritage and equestrian style, synonymous with luxury, and sought after for its tailored elegance, and fluent approach to blending signature country style with statement city tailoring. Spotting a gap in the market for stylish country outerwear, Jade, with no formal training, started to cut all her designs herself by hand. From one or two garments sampled in the beginning, Jade now manages a super high-end luxury tailoring facility, with thousands of tweed and wool garments still cut by hand and made in the traditional way.

Mallet London

Born in 2015, Mallet took contemporary design and styling and blended it with a knowing glance towards training shoe heritage. The brand is the creation of TOWIE star Tommy Mallet.

The brand is the creation of Tommy Mallet, since joining the sneaker circuit back in 2015, the London-based brand has steadily climbed the ranks of the industry to become the lauded label it is today. Tommy is one of the talented driving forces behind the brand having started the adventure as a means to fill a gap in the British trainer market, and collectively, fulfil his passion for premium footwear.

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