City Escapes: The Tessuti take on the City Break

City Escapes: The Tessuti take on the City Break

Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of a busy city like New York or exploring the iconic architecture of London or Paris, we’ve curated our Tessuti take on what to wear for the perfect city escape. A dedicated edit regarding what to wear when exploring your favourite cities this Spring, discover more below.

Begin by filling your holdall with key staples – you can’t go without a trustworthy pair of trainers and an essential leather jacket – and you’ll be ready to fly. Versatile and on-trend, we’ve got all of your needs covered whether you’re exploring at home or away.


What to take on a City Escape:

Casual comfort is key when travelling on a city break. With plenty of ground to cover on foot, including exploring streets off the beaten track, you’re going to want to ensure your attire allows for plenty of movement and any options need to be versatile without sacrificing on style. Garments that fit the bill include key leather jackets that can be worn day or night, essential denim pieces to dress up or down and enough layers to tackle all weathers!

A Day in the City:

Throughout the day, if you’re taking a relaxed approach to the city experience your ensemble should be laid back, chic and composed. Style a logo t-shirt with your key denim pieces, layered with a lightweight jacket and a designer bag, and you’ve nailed the look of lounging in any metropolis!

Outside of the City:

Opting for a day trip outside of the centre? Explore what the world has to offer wearing casual footwear pieces from Maison Margiela, paired with the essential exploring layer, the lightweight jacket.

City Escapes by Night:

Every city break packing list needs a go-to shirt or a reliable little black dress for evening escapades. Ladies, pop on a LBD paired with a statement bag from Vivienne Westwood and you’re ready to go! Guys can shirt up with Maison Margiela or Polo Ralph Lauren. With a sophisticated feel, you’ll be ready to indulge in the city-night life; whether that’s the hotel bar or a local restaurant.

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