Cocktail Masterclass With Restaurant Ours

Cocktail Masterclass With Restaurant Ours

With another Bank Holiday weekend almost upon us, we’re serving up a cocktail masterclass courtesy of Restaurant Ours. Combining dinner and drinks with a theatrical experience, Ours isn’t just any London hotspot, this is one London venue that serves up some of the best.

Discover the six steps below to mix your own Ours inspired tipple: The Don Julio Bonito cocktail recipe.



40ml Don Julio Reposado (Tequila)

50ml Elderflower Cordial

Ginger Ale

Sliced Lemon

Step one

Take the ice and add to a cocktail shaker.

Step two

Pour 40ml of tequila into the shaker.

Step three

Add 50ml of elderflower cordial to the mix, and shake, mixing together the ingredients.

Step four

Fill a tumbler with ice and sliced lemon to garnish.

Step five

Pour about half a bottle of ginger ale into the glass, topping up with the pre mixed- alcohol mix.

Step six

Give the drink a quick stir, blending together all the flavours of the ginger ale, lemon and spirit. Then, serve up the Don Julio Bonito cocktail.

Enjoy yours over the course of the long weekends ahead, and shop the Destinations London edit now, for those all-important spring to summer fits.


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