Combat The Cold With Parajumpers

Combat The Cold With Parajumpers

It’s all about Parajumpers this season. The brand, inspired by Alaska’s foremost search and rescue crew, the 210th Squadron, is riding on the success of performance fashion across the world, and their jackets are truly among the best. Silhouettes such as the Gobi and the Freddy Heritage Parka boast technical features that insulate in extreme conditions. Just how warm are the jackets though?

With the help of the brand’s temperature rating system, you can work out the true capabilities of your Parajumpers jacket. Although affected by a number of variables there are four factors that ultimately influence the potential of the jackets.

The first is the amount of down fill. Quite simply, more down means more warmth. The second is fill power. This one is like the strength of the down. If you were to have the same quantity of two different varieties of down the one with the higher fill power would be warmer. It is important to be aware of your jacket’s down type and its fill power to understand it’s full specification.

The third factor is the weight of the shell fabric. Heavier fabric generally offers better wind protection which will reduce the feeling of cold for the wearer. Finally, it’s coatings. Coatings improve wind protections and can often offer water resistant.

Any combination of these factors will ultimately dictate the performance of any jacket. A light down with lightweight shell fabric will suit milder climates where a heavy coated fabric with heavier down will suit extremely cold weather.

To find out your jacket’s capabilities check out the chart below.Parajumpers Chart

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