Destination Dungeness: Our Guide To The Seaside Town

Destination Dungeness: Our Guide To The Seaside Town

Serving as our backdrop for our Stand Out Winter campaign, there’s something distinctly supernatural about Dungeness. It might have something to do with the strange combination of nuclear power stations, derelict fishermen’s huts, lighthouses, the ‘acoustic mirrors’, concrete oddities and the largest expanse of shingle in Europe. Dungeness is simultaneously a desolate land and a place of beauty and is often described as having an isolated, “end of the earth” feeling to it. This route starts at the old lighthouse just east of Dungeness plants A and B skirts around them, then strikes off across the shingle to the nature reserve – before bringing you back to shore past the MoD firing ranges, then along it right in front of the nuclear plants.


It’s no wonder that this headland on the Kent coast has attracted both visionary artists and nature lovers for years. When you are there be sure to check out Prospect Cottage, where film-maker Derek Jarman once lived. Again, it’s prettiness jarring with the surroundings, an uneasy juxtaposition. The large ‘acoustic mirrors’ are also worth a visit; these concrete structures were England’s first early warning system before the dawn of radars but today they just add to the eeriness as they stare out to sea. For bird lovers, there’s an RSPB observatory as well as two hides on the beach, offering ideal vantage points for spotting the migratory birds and seabirds that stop off at Dungeness. If you’re lucky you might spot fire crests, long-tailed Tits, or Lapland buntings. There’s so much to take in at Dungeness that the best thing to do is walk along the shingle, giving your brain to time to make sense of this contrasting yet wonderful place.


To recover from all the sightseeing there are three reasonable options for food and drink, all near the start of the route. The Light Railway Cafe is actually at the steam railway station, the Britannia pub is about five minutes’ walk away, while The Pilot pub near the entrance to the Dungeness estate.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to the seaside town of Dungeness, shop the Stand Out Winter edit now.

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