Dimoral: An hour with the creative director, Moes Belamkadem

Dimoral: An hour with the creative director, Moes Belamkadem

When we hosted the DIMORAL takeover we took the opportunity to talk to the creative director, Moes Belamkadem, and ask some questions we’ve had burning for a while…

Where did it all begin?

Dimoral was founded in 2015 as a fashion brand tailored in Portugal and based in the Netherlands by a team of 4 people who all have experience and a background in the fashion industry. What started as an experiment, turned out to be a true journey.

What’s the inspiration?

Everything started with the idea to produce our own clothing, since the people from our team have worked for various fashion labels throughout the years and have gained tons of experience. Every single one of us is a true fashion-addict, and what other way to feed this addiction than to design your very own garments and create a lifestyle for people who dare to be different. That is our purpose.

Do you have a favourite piece?

All our pieces are a favourite! The reason for this is because each piece tells its own story and has gone through a different process, which makes them unique in every way. It is like choosing who your favourite child is; you simply cannot choose, because you love them all equally!

We’ve heard the manufacturing process is quite special?

Dimoral wants to express, innovate and improve the quality and standards of fashion. We truly believe that the big difference between style and fashion lies within the smallest details. From this point of view, we carefully design and execute our ideas. This means that every embroidery, every print and every minor detail is carefully crafted by the very best professionals in Portugal and we monitor the steps of the process from beginning until the end. Nothing goes unsupervised, because we wish to guarantee a high quality.


Seeing the quality of embellishment makes us wonder how long the process is?

We start every collection by picking a theme. These themes are based on events and experiences from our own personal lives and are brought to life through vivid embroideries and prints on our garments. The process begins with the sketches that our design team makes. Based on these drawings, detailed computer designs are created, including all the specific details. We carefully select our fabrics from countries like Italy, Portugal and Japan and together with the team we handpick the fabrics that are most suitable for the specific season, based on the latest trends. Once the final designs for the prints and embroideries have been assembled, we travel to Portugal and gather with a team of professionals at our manufacturer. We create numerous samples in different styles, techniques and colours. Our main focus is that the quality stands out and that the design is distinctive. You can recognise a Dimoral print by it’s extravagant look, which is the result of very advanced and costly techniques. Because these techniques are so complicated and time-consuming, the process can take up quite some time. It is not unusual when it lasts up to several weeks before one single embroidery is considered to be ‘ready’ for application on the piece. Therefore, time-management is essential.

Whats next?

We have just recently introduced denim jeans, hoodies and tracksuits. We have noticed that there is a large demand for more items, from retailers as well as customers. After 3 collections, it seemed like the right time to introduce new pieces such as hoodies and jeans for the SS19 collection and we are very pleased with the result! We are positive that all customers will wear it with great pleasure!

Finally, 3 Words that sum up DIMORAL?

Extravagant, innovative and unique!

Shop Dimoral online now at Tessuti.Ā 

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