Celebrating the stars and stripes with Elevated Americana

Celebrating the stars and stripes with Elevated Americana

The sartorial bond between the USA and the UK has never been stronger. Swathes of preppy collections and streetwear brands have been enjoying unbelievable popularity this side of the Atlantic. So this 4th of July, America’s Independence Day, celebrate the Stars and Stripes with a selection of brands that demonstrate the best of Americana.

Polo Ralph Lauren have been titans of American style for over half a century now. They’ve consistently reimagined and reinvigorated Ivy League style for new generations of fashion forward people. Exploring every corner of America’s rich cultural makeup including native design, the denim mills of the gold rush, casual tailoring of the suburbs and tech forward styling of inner cities, Ralph Lauren have built a catalogue as diverse as any. It would be unwise to underestimate the power of the Polo logo, having permeated every level of society and style. It is quite simply the American dream’s fashion division, a democratic brand available to all and adopted by the many.

In many ways Tommy Hilfiger continues in Ralph Lauren’s footsteps, creating democratic high end fashion for the mass market. Founded in 1985, the brand was built to offer classic design with a youthful energy.  It was that casual, youth-led attitude which popularised the brand globally in the 90s as they focused on yachting style sportswear. Amongst the brand’s many fans were hip hop artists and actors alike. A series of sponsorship deals with major musical acts followed and Hilfiger’s fame soared. Fast forward today and the brand still specialise in casual prep style and sportswear. Their red white and blue logo, a nod to the US flag, is recognised the world over as another example of modern American fashion.

Both brands exemplify the seismic effect of American fashion companies. If Europe’s large fashion houses have been built on quality and a design first ethos, Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren have introduced the world to the strength of “brand”. Their work shows how a premium fashion manufacturer can operate cohesively over multiple tiers and several markets thanks to the power of their brand identity.

Demonstrating a more focused approach to American style is Michael Kors. The New York based designer represents America’s metropolitan face, deeply aspirational, elegant and minimal. In the face of the hectic Manhattan ‘grab a coffee and drink it on the go’ lifestyle Kors builds simplicity. It is the perfect juxtaposition and one which symbolises New York fashion. If it’s modern design that cuts through the noise you’re looking for, Kors is certainly the answer.

However, Kors isn’t the only designer to take this angle. DKNY is another brand which peddles elegance as a must have accessory. Donna Karan’s label continuously drives to create product that epitomises America’s modern woman. In their own words the brand is “forward-thinking, confident, and self-assured”, which not only replicates the attitude of a New York woman but America at large. Their range of accessories are built to take the rough with the smooth, boardrooms and motel rooms, effortlessly moving between the corners of a city’s walls. It’s something that resonates globally too as the world’s cosmopolitan populations grow. It’s modern America at its best.

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