Everything You Need To Know About The Exclusive Billionaire Boys Club Launch

Everything You Need To Know About The Exclusive Billionaire Boys Club Launch

This month at Tessuti, we’re bringing you a Billionaire Boys Club exclusive. Read on to find out all you need to know about the reflective pack launch.


What is Billionaire Boys Club and who owns it?

Billionaire Boys Club is a streetwear brand which was founded as a collaboration between musician Pharrell Williams and Record Producer and Japanese Designer NIGO. Partnering in 2003, the pair founded streetwear brands BBC clothing and Ice Cream footwear. The brands signature is it’s Spaceman logo, featuring alongside modern and contemporary designs. They look to push boundaries of the norm.

What makes this launch different?

Exclusive to Tessuti, this is one of Billionaire Boys Club’s few collaborations with another brand like this. With a range of signature pieces from iconic hoodies and tees to sweats and shorts, you won’t want to miss out. We won’t give too much away too soon, but the range has been inspired by the idea of space exploration.

When is it launching?

The exclusive Billionaire Boys Club range will be coming to Tessuti only on January 25th. With the range launching during Winter, you’ll be able to grab some key winter warmers, alongside pieces that you will make the most out of all year round through the change of seasons.

Launching on the 25th of January, keep your eyes peeled over on their brand page at Tessuti. 

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