Exploring Kanuk: Impeccably Handcrafted Outerwear

Exploring Kanuk: Impeccably Handcrafted Outerwear

Kanuk began with local inspirations and humble ambitions. But now, over thirty years later as the brand makes a home with Tessuti, it is a label with an emerging international reputation and an innovative approach to performance. We spoke to the creators at Kanuk and asked them some questions that revealed a couple of interesting facts about the brand.

What makes a good jacket?

Tailoring and ergonomics are the most important aspects when designing a coat, and Kanuk has made this design technique its signature since day 1. We emphasize the silhouette of each style but also ensure comfort while respecting the different heat zones.

kanuk coat

Where did it all start for Kanuk?

Established in 1970 in Montreal, Kanuk is an independent Canadian outerwear company. Kanuk has designed and crafted outerwear from a small factory in the heart of Montreal for close to 50 years. Our designs are born out of our environment, meticulously created to protect against nature’s extreme weather conditions. Given the lasting quality of our garments, our styles of yesterday and today intermingle seamlessly in the environment where they were born. Our mission is to share our outerwear and Canadian mastery of winter warmth with the world.


Why has Canada become such a beacon for performance outerwear?

Our garments are crafted by artisans and conceived by designers who understand the demands of extreme weather conditions. Kanuk has remained steadfast in its commitment to the garment industry in Montreal. While clothing manufacturing throughout North America has declined in recent years, Kanuk has never wavered in its local production philosophy. Employees are highly trained members of an expert team that reflect the diversity and dynamism of the city itself.

kanuk coat

Has the fashion world’s interest in performance wear changed the brand’s approach at all?

Our customers are aiming for performance and style, all at once. Following the contemporary twist that began four years ago, Kanuk presents its new collection, each pattern of which has been re-imagined and each material improved, while combining modernity, street style and outdoor performance. Keeping the same quality mark that has made Kanuk the prestige brand it is today, the claw’s outerwear is weather-proof and can blossom into an urban environment while savouring the joys of nature.

Which products are you most excited about this coming season?

What makes us most proud is to have revisited all of our classics. They have all gone through the mill of design and have been modernised and simplified. Our classic coats have a timeless look and will live with our customers for years to come and never go out of style.

kanuk coat

Shop Kanuk instore and online with Tessuti.

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