Fiorruci: the Italo-casual brand

Fiorruci: the Italo-casual brand

There was a time in fashion when if a brand wasn’t Italian the world didn’t want to know. And although a certain amount of attention has been diverted to other fashion producing nations, generally speaking, Italian labels have consistently been leading the charge for the best part of a century now. Furthermore, the recent boom in demand for vintage Italian sportswear has allowed for the return of some of the Azurri’s cult icons. One of those brands is Fiorucci, which we welcome to our roster at Tessuti for AW18, here’s what you need to know about the brand.

Founded in 1965, Fiorruci’s Italo-casual aesthetic has unlikely origins in one of London’s more flamboyant corners, Carnaby Street. Following a trip to England’s swinging centre in the early sixties a youthful Elio Fiorucci was compelled to take the Mod look back to his native Milan. Infusing the contemporary iconography of pop-art in to his designs Fiorucci flourished developing a reputation for bold, eclectic fashion.

Global expansion soon followed for Elio’s fledgling brand. Stores on London’s Kings Road and in Manhattan, New York, set the tone for Fiorucci’s clientele drawn from the upper echelons of pop culture and celebrity. The Manhattan store even developed the nickname “The Daytime Studio 54”. The store was a precursor to the now celebrated concept store-cum-hangout space; an idea that has since been adopted by some of the world’s biggest streetwear brands.

Fast forward to 2018, following a period of dormancy for the brand, Fiorucci is back. With the brand’s proud heritage and aesthetic in mind, the brand’s new custodians are set on leaving the same mark on the industry as their predecessor, Elio.

With a bold range of men’s t-shirts and sweats, Fiorucci’s strength still lies in their graphic capabilities. The brand manages to seamlessly integrate lasting subcultural tropes, such as graffiti and pin-up girls into their logo adorned pieces. Equally, a renewed focus on ready-to-wear clothing such as lightweight jackets add weight and depth to the collection while demonstrating a good knowledge of current trends. It’s definitely a brand to watch over the coming seasons as they go from strength to strength.

Fiorucci for men is available online now at Tessuti.


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