From An Interest To An International Lifestyle Brand. The Story Of Mallet London.

From An Interest To An International Lifestyle Brand. The Story Of Mallet London.

How does an idea form into a fashion brand? Mallet is a prime example of this. Starting as a footwear brand creating urban footwear in sleek silhouettes and luxury touches, they have now branched out into other fields. The result? A lifestyle brand with international authority. 

Mallet celebrates accessible luxury for those who don’t want to compromise on quality or style. With popular styles like the Popham, Archway and GRFTR, this brand that started from small beginnings shows no signs of slowing down. 

With the brand launching back in 2015, with TV personality Tommy Mallet at the helm, in just five short years it has become a hugely successful brand stocked all over the world. Starting from an idea and a sketch, Tommy envisioned the type of trainer he would have loved as a child but could not afford from his home in North London. So, with no formal design training, this brand was built on a creative vision unique to Tommy Mallet and has been built into a brand with integrity.

With the sleek designs worn by the likes of Drake, and Craig David, people recognise the modern sneaker designs as something that is a fresh addition to the footwear market. With this in mind, it was only a matter of time before they took to the clothing market to become a lifestyle brand that people could rely on for a head to toe look.

 In September 2019, Tessuti became an exclusive distributor of the new drop of Mallet apparel. Featuring urban sportswear in a paired back and considered colour palette, this was the perfect addition to the Mallet family. With two apparel drops under their belts, Mallet are set to keep growing its luxury lifestyle brand and provide a fresh approach to design.

Starting from a seed of inspiration, look to Mallet for a lesson in effective luxury design. Head to Tessuti to shop Mallet now.

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