Get to know Melissa footwear

Get to know Melissa footwear

Melissa has been a part of your life for a long time, you just don’t know it. Melissa created the jelly shoe – you know that shoe that everyone used to wear on the beach when you were growing up? Many have copied the style but the original was created by Melissa.

In 1979, on the feet of French Riviera fisherman, Melissa found a rudimentary shoe that gave inspiration to the jelly shoe, or the Aranha to give it its official title. Melissa developed its own version of that shape and the jelly shoe was born. Straight away, it was adopted by beach-bound Brazilians and in a short space of time it became the most popular shoe in Brazil. Today the jelly shoe is going strong. In the last decade, Melissa produced over 32 million pairs and is sold in more than 70 countries, taking 26 seconds to make.

Pic Credit: Melissa

Melissa didn’t just stop at the Aranha. It’s collaborated with fashion powerhouses like Jean Paul Gaultier in 1983 and created shoes with the Campana brothers, designers that create pieces out of natural resources. Other collaborations have included the late Zaha Hadid, architecture goddess, and more recently American fashion designer Jeremy Scott. Melissa shoes have been seen on the feet of iconic models from Claudia Schiffer to Alessandra Ambrosio in worldwide campaigns.


The secret behind the success for Melissa is essentially how it uses plastic. All the shoes are made from its own material, Melflex, a type of PVC that can be 100% recyclable and provides flexibility, resistance and stays comfortable. It’s so big on sustainability in the production process, Melissa even created a Department of Sustainable Development in 2011.

The designs can be sleek and understated, and eye-catching and unique. Each shoe is designed with personality and freedom of expression at its core, mixing art, design and practicality.


Tessuti is one of the biggest stockists in the UK of Melissa shoes from collaborations with Vivienne Westwood and the Cambridge Satchel Co, to exclusive styles as well as kids sandals and adult pumps.

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