Get Summer Ready At These Nail Salons

Get Summer Ready At These Nail Salons

Summer is here and whilst you might have your Summer Outfits ready to go, you need to remember to accessorise with a fresh set of nails too. Whether it’s to compliment a fresh tan, or if it’s too add some glam to your swimwear, we’re here to tell you about some of our favourite nail salons and nail artists.

Nuka Nails

What once started as a pop-up nail bar in Ibiza, now lives on as a full-time Nail Salon in West-London. Founded and run by Kadimah Aaliyah and Anouska Anastasia, the two girls have an extraordinary eye for detail, creating all their designs freehand. When scrolling through their Instagram feed, we can’t quite believe the amount of precision they have. From simple line work, to intricate logos, you can match the colour to your outfit, or you can even match the logos of your favourite brands. From Juicy Couture spread across your nails, to the Fiorucci angels, we’re pretty sure Nuka can do jut about anything. Check out Nuka Nails on Instagram here.

The Gossip Nail Bar

Another nail salon that features intricate hand-painted nail art is The Gossip Nail Bar based in Bristol. With 5 artists available, the range of designs is incredible. You can keep it simple with BIAB, or opt for something more extreme like stiletto acrylics. Whether it’s just a touch of colour you’re looking for, or if you really want to stand out with Summer-inspired nails like those pictured above, there’s something for everyone at this Bristol Nail Salon.


Heading back to London now, we have celebrity nail artist; Pria B. BhamB have been in the game for a long time now, and have built up a lot of experience, as well as a very loyal customer base. However, don’t let their high-status put you off. They’re still accepting bookings and taking on new clients, and nails like these are a great treat for yourself for the Summer. The nails pictured above would be the perfect accompaniment to the Mallet Rainbow collection, but you can let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.

Doll Parts

If you’re in Manchester and looking for the perfect all-rounder, Doll Parts are just what you need. The designs range from simple marble patterns, to extravagant colourful designs. You can even get encapsulated flowers which we just think scream ‘Summer’. And better yet, they’re based in the heart of the ever-so-trendy Northern Quater. Explore their page now to discover everything from BIAB to acrylic extensions.Ā 

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