Get Your Wardrobe In Check, With The Spring Checklist

Get Your Wardrobe In Check, With The Spring Checklist

The beer gardens have opened. The sun is making more than just a monthly appearance. The flowers are blooming. Spring is here. Don’t let your wardrobe get left behind. Ditch the loungewear and check out our Spring checklist for your wardrobe now.


First up on our Spring Checklist, we’re going in with accessories. Often the thing people think of last, it’s also not one to forget. Accessories can elevate your outfit as well as provide practicality. Take a simple cap for example. On a sunny day, it helps to shield your face from the sun and may even help to keep your hair out of your face if it’s on the long side. As well as this, it’s a fashionable way to finish off your outfit and make you look Spring-ready.


Layers are another important thing to remember. Especially whilst we can only dine and drink outside. Layers are all important for when the sun starts to go down and the air gets a bit more chilly. Brands like C.P Company will have you covered and ready to take on any weather and any occasion this Spring.


Another key for this season is refreshing your sneakers. Now that we can go out more, it’s time to dress to impress, whether thats whilst going out for a walk or enjoying a cocktail outside. Veja is the perfect brand for sneakers that will fit all occasions with a smart silhouette. With new sneakers just dropped at Tessuti, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair.


Don’t let the sun fool you. Jacket season isn’t over yet. Britain is notorious for it’s unpredictable weather. In fact, only a week or so ago we saw snow hit the UK after a week of sun. Make sure you don’t get caught out and grab something like a denim jacket from the likes of Tommy Jeans which will keep you covered during unexpected weather, without leaving you overheating when the sun comes back out.

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