Glastonbury Essentials: The Survival Guide

Glastonbury Essentials: The Survival Guide

Festival season is in full swing, from the inner-city styles to the far-flung fields of Glastonbury Festival, now is the time to make sure you have your festival essentials sorted. Tessuti is here with a helping hand to make sure you do not miss a thing on your list. We have composed the ultimate guide to festi- packing, ensuring you are Glasto ready, with wellies and wet wipes in hand. 


Wet wipes, torch, portable charger, along with the crate of beers all ready to go but nothing to put these festi- essentials in? Thatā€™s where a fashionable backpack comes in hand, to make sure that even in the field your summer styling stands out.


This may not seem on top of your list, but when the mud is up to your knees and you havenā€™t showered in four days. Adding a bit of glitter to your outfit or makeup will brighten up those muddy fields and add not so subtle shimmer to your step. 

Glastonbury 3


This may seem like an obvious essential, but have you ever turned up to a festival only to realise that the wellies you were meant to remember are still locked behind the garage door? Tessutiā€™s top tip for the festival season is to swap your sneakers straight away. Forget travelling in style, ensure you put your wellies on pre-festival. This makes it easier to co-ordinate with your festival looks and ensures more room when packing. These Barbour Wilton Boots are perfect for the fields.

Waterproof Jacket

Survive the summer in style and keep your festival outfit clean and dry with a pack a way waterproof. The British weather will undoubtedly prevail, opening the heavens to rain. But this season be prepared by packing a lightweight and waterproof jacket, our favourites come from Barbour International and ParaJumpers

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