Graduate Fashion Week Interview: Chantal Barbour, Junior Multi-Channel Executive

Graduate Fashion Week Interview: Chantal Barbour, Junior Multi-Channel Executive

As we approach Graduate Fashion Week 2019, we spoke to our very own Chantal Barbour, who attended last year’s GFW and now works for Tessuti…

How did you find yourself at Graduate Fashion Week?

I did a Fashion Art Direction degree at Manchester School of Art and because of this, I was able to show my portfolio. I went down to London for the full duration of Graduate Fashion Week and talked to people about my work as well as exploring other stands and potential job opportunities.

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Why do you think that GFW is a valuable resource for graduates who want to break into the fashion industry?

It is such a great opportunity to find a job after university if you make the most of it. I made sure to get lots of business cards made and spoke to people if they came over to look at my work. I went and spoke to as many brands/companies as possible and discussed job opportunities. I feel like you gain so much more by talking to as many people as you can. Also, it was so valuable to see what other students are doing. There is such a variety of talent there and this is a great way to meet like-minded people you can collaborate with.

What is your favourite thing about Graduate Fashion Week?

My favourite thing was being able to see work from other students as it was so inspiring. It can be a bit daunting because you see the amount of talent that you have to compete with but this is definitely something to embrace to better yourself.

A year on you are working as Junior Multi-Channel Executive for Tessuti, how are you finding it?

I love it! In just one year I have learnt so much and been given so many amazing opportunities. From Graduate Fashion Week I got a three-month internship with Tessuti and this involved me trying a variety of different things to see what I enjoyed doing within marketing. Because of this, when I was offered the role of Junior Multi-Channel Executive I felt that this was the perfect role for me and encompassed everything I enjoyed doing.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love that my job is so varied so every day is different! I think my favourite thing is how fast-paced the fashion industry is. This means that there is always something new to be working on and new ideas and concepts to be thought up. I am always encouraged to think creatively which makes my job constantly exciting.

Would you recommend GFW to anyone who is thinking of going?

Of course! The fashion industry is so competitive, so take every opportunity you can and make the most of it. Network with as many people as possible and take pride in your own work and ideas because that is your unique selling point. As well as this, itā€™s a really fun few days to celebrate creativity in the fashion industry.

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