Highlights From London Fashion Week Men’s Day 3

Highlights From London Fashion Week Men’s Day 3

London Fashion Week Men’s is in full swing. Here are our top picks from the third day, featuring Barbour, Belstaff and Feng Chen Wang.


Founded in 1894, this is a brand that truly celebrates tradition. A fifth-generation owned family business, craftsmanship is at its core. This season was the 125th anniversary and there was definitely a sense of magnificence to mark the occasion. Presented in Lancaster House, the setting was breath-taking and this seemed like a suitable location to show the new AW19 jackets from Barbour. Set amongst an exhibition style presentation, we were taken through the different generations of Barbour to see how it has evolved and come to be the iconic brand that it is today. From the birth of waxed cotton to the modern face of Barbour, the collection gave us an understanding of how this brand combines heritage and modernity to show classic styles that are always moving with the times.  Showing this development, the jackets included fur collar detailing as well as sleek silhouettes in the classic khaki green which gave a modern twist to the iconic jackets that we know and love. Explore Barbour on Tessuti now to get a piece of history.

barbour tessuti

barbour tessuti


Belstaff is a brand that embraces tradition and adventure to give the feeling of luxury to the modern gentleman. As innovators of the of the first water resistant wax cotton, Belstaff has remained a firm favourite of the man who requires clothing that encourages exploration. This AW19 collection was all about exploring Belstaff’s roots and documenting the journey it has been on. Shown as an installation piece, there were different stations to mark different points in the evolution of the brand. Depicting everything from its early beginnings in 1920 when they made protective travelling gear, to providing for motorcyclists and aviators alike, we got to see the journey of Belstaff and everything that it offers. Truly ‘Belstaff’ this collection, including their famous hand-waxed leather and shearling jackets, also showed us their take on knitwear. A brand with grit and adventure at its core, this collection was everything we could want from Belstaff. Head to Tessuti to see what we have to offer from this iconic brand.

belstaff belstaff

Feng Chen Wang

Chinese-born and London-based designer, Feng Chen Wang, is an emerging talent that creates bold, futuristic and structured pieces. She gives a contemporary feel to streetwear that makes her clothing bold and exciting. For this AW19 collection, Feng takes inspiration from her roots in China’s Fujian province where her larger-than-allowed family lived in hardship. In this collection, her mother is depicted by the lotus, a symbol of perfection. This is translated in the colour palette which felt soft and delicate with blue and pink hues. Jackets were a focus in this collection with, parkas, puffers and aviators all appearing on the runway.  This collection felt tailored with a focus on pocket detailing to reflect the many layers of a flower. These pieces felt special and paid homage perfectly to her mother. A great triumph.

feng tessuti feng

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