How to clean and care for Levi’s jeans

How to clean and care for Levi’s jeans

Here at Tessuti, we have a wide range of denim and jeans; and one that we all know and love is Levi’s. However, how much thought have you given to cleaning and caring for your beloved jeans? Perhaps you see the colour wash out of them too soon, or perhaps they lose the shape you fell in love with. Well, it all comes down to how you care for them. Follow our guide and you might just be surprised by how often you should be washing your jeans.

Wash your jeans every 10 wears

Washing your jeans every 10 wears might feel like a stretch, but it’s the best way to care for your jeans and keep them in best condition. Washing them too often can break down the fibers or make the colours fade much faster. The key to a good jean is those distinct marks and creases that are unique to you. These come with wearing your jeans for longer periods of time without washing them and create a really authentic and vintage looking denim. The beauty of Levi’s is that they continue to get better with wear, but washing them too often prevents that. If you really do need to wash them sooner, try giving them a spot clean first with a soft cloth, warm water and a bit of soap. What’s even better about washing less is that it helps the planet too and saves on water.

Hang them out to dry

Another big mistake people tend to make with their new jeans is shoving them into the tumble-dryer. Jeans may be heavy-duty and take a little longer to dry than your t-shirts, but it’s worth the extra drying time. Tumble Dryers are too harsh on jeans, and all the lint you find in there is the fibers breaking down yet again. By hanging them out to dry instead, they’ll not only keep their integrity for longer but they’ll keep their shape too, meaning they’ll look flattering for longer. For an even better dry, make sure to hang them in the shade so the sun doesn’t fade away the colour too.

Turn them inside out

Whether you’re washing or drying your Levis jeans, our top tip is to keep them turned inside out until you’re ready to wear them again. This helps to preserve the colour and also means that your pockets can dry out properly too after being washed.

And that’s it! Only three steps to better-kept jeans. Overall, it’s simple and easy when you know how. Get your jeans online now at Tessuti.

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