How To Host A Great BBQ

How To Host A Great BBQ

Summer has finally arrived and we have been blessed with some beautiful weather over this past couple of weeks. So, it is time to get the grill back out, dust off your apron and host a brilliant BBQ for your family and friends. Here are some tips to make sure that your BBQ is the best one yet.

It’s All About The Accompaniments

Your accompaniment table is just as important as the BBQ itself. Make sure you have a selection of bread, sides and condiments for everyone to choose from. This is a way in which you can keep the BBQ quite simple, but your guests then have the freedom to spice their burger up a with a mean spicy sauce, some coleslaw or some pepper jack cheese slices. Also, consider dietary requirements and provide food for those who are vegetarian, vegan or have allergies.

Plenty Of Seating

There is nothing worse than being stood up all day. Make sure your guests have a place to sit down and relax whilst chatting and catching up with friends. It is also quite difficult to eat standing up so having a seat available will help with any potential sauce being spilt and food being dropped.

Stock Up The Bar

The drinks selection is so important at a good party. Ensure that you have lots of ice and preferably an ice bucket for everyone to put their drinks in when they first arrive. Make sure that you have lots of cups, paper straws and drink garnishes. For those who won’t be having an alcoholic drink, why not make a summer fruit punch to get their taste buds tingling? A couple of great recipe options can be found here.

Compose The Perfect Playlist

Great music gives any party a great atmosphere! Make sure you have a good mix of songs that everyone will enjoy. When sending out invitations, maybe ask your guests for a song request to go on the playlist. This way you are guaranteed to have at least one song that everyone will like! This will also help you gauge similar songs that you can add on. Don’t forget to add on some classic floor fillers to get everyone in a good mood. Explore Tessuti’s Spotify channel here.

Be Prepared For Anything

It is vital that you check the weather and try to organise your BBQ on a day that is dry and preferably sunny. However, we know that that is not always possible in the UK, so make sure you are prepared for any weather. Source a gazebo, a table umbrella or some sort of shelter in case the weather is not on your side. Also, try to make sure there is an indoor seating option for those who generally prefer it indoors.

We hope that these tips help you to throw a great BBQ and have an amazing summer!

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