How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

It’s that time of year where virtually everyone is thinking about their pending ‘sum bod’. This summer, we want to help you to not only improve your health and fitness but to maintain it as well. Here are some of our tips to help you work towards a healthier lifestyle…

Drink Plenty Of Water

You need to drink plenty of fluids to stop you from getting dehydrated. The government actually suggests that you should be drinking 6 to 8 glasses every day! Drinking water promotes healthy weight management and it flushes out any toxins within your body. If you’re not a fan of water, you can try adding fruit to some of the water you consume – this will infuse and give it a pleasant flavour.

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Exercise Daily (If You Can)

Daily exercise can reduce ageing – this includes improving eyesight, regulating blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and much more! Select a couple of days within the week for an intense workout. Keep the other days simple – as long as you are being active you will feel a benefit. Whether this is a walk, some lengths at your local swimming pool or a quick bike ride in the sun, activity will help your all-new healthier body develop. Pick exercises that you enjoy because when you enjoy a sport, you naturally want to do it.


Full Body Workout

Make sure you work out different parts of your body. Cardio helps with weight loss, but muscle tone and definition can’t be at its height through just this. The easiest way to ensure a full body workout is to engage in sports as they work out different muscle groups. Popular activities where you can get a good body workout are swimming, tennis, squash and yoga.


Don’t Skip Breakfast

Choose a healthy breakfast that is high in fibre and low in fat, sugar and salt. This will form part of a balanced diet and it will help you to get the nutrients you need for good health. It will increase energy levels and concentration, as well as preventing you from wanting your lunch earlier than usual. Anything whole grain is a good option – cereals and toast are great time-savers but make sure you are consuming foods that are going to benefit your health.


Set Yourself Realistic Goals

There is nothing worse than starting off too fast and falling at the first hurdle. Make sure you are realistic when thinking about where you want to be. Start off small, take an unhealthy habit and turn it into a healthy, positive habit. If your goal is to lose weight, maybe set yourself a target weight and a time frame to achieve it in. If your goal is to increase muscle, again set a time frame and take progress pictures to see how your body is changing. It is important to never be disheartened, keep yourself motivated – you can do it and you will get where you want to be with determination.


For more healthy lifestyle tips visit the NHS website.

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