How To Make The Perfect Christmas Dinner

How To Make The Perfect Christmas Dinner

Christmas is only a few days away now, and we’re sure many of us can agree that one of the biggest highlights of Christmas Day has got to be the Christmas Dinner. Whether you’re an experienced Christmas Dinner maker or it’s your first Christmas cooking everything up, we have a few tips to make sure it’s perfect.


An essential staple to any Christmas dinner is the roast potatoes. To get that perfect crispy coating, we recommend par-boiling them the day before and roughing them up. Pop them in the fridge overnight and then cook them in a generous helping of duck fat on Christmas day for roasties to impress.


For a veggie option on your plate, quarter a white cabbage and roast this in the oven until the edges caramelise and the centre begins to melt. Add a tahini and citrus dressing to finish and you’ve got yourself a stand-out veggie side.


Again, we believe this is an essential staple once you know how to cook them right. It’s all in the preparation and extras with brussel sprouts. Chop yours in half this year, par-boil them and fry them up with bacon and butter just before serving. No one will ever complain about sprouts on their plate again.

Turkey and Gravy

Now for the centre piece. Brine your Turkey 24 hours in advance for an extra juicy taste. Then when you come to serve the Turkey the next day, use the leftover juices to create a gravy that pairs up perfectly.


Christmas Dinner means going all out, and that includes dessert, no matter how full up you are from the main meal. We recommend old school classics like Christmas Pudding, trifle, Arctic Roll, Profiteroles or crumble. Keeping it traditional means everyone at the dinner table is likely to enjoy. You can’t go wrong!

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