How To Plan Your Summer Holiday

How To Plan Your Summer Holiday

Summer is on the approach and we are so excited here at Tessuti! One of the best parts of summer is planning your holiday and we want to get you into the spirit. So without further ado, here are some of our tips to help you plan your holiday.

Research the destination before you go

Make sure you are prepared. Depending on the climate, check what the weather is going to be like around the time that you want to go. This will help you with what you need to pack, and you will not have any surprises when it comes to unexpected weather conditions. As well as this, it is vital to look at a couple of reviews of the place you will be staying, to make sure that everything will be OK when you get there. A holiday is about being stress-free and if you are worrying the whole way there or even worse, are faced with a problem as soon as you get there.

Try somewhere new

Quite often you can get stuck in the rut of going back to the same place every year. Of course, this is great because if you love somewhere why not return? But trying somewhere new can open your eyes to a whole lot of great things. Make a bit of a travel bucket list and tick somewhere off this summer! Ask your family and friends for any recommendations or take to the internet for some inspiration. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be the location, but maybe you try a new activity. I could be anything from scuba diving or surfing to hopping in the pool and joining in with a game of water polo.

Make sure you have your holiday essentials

Again, depending on the climate, make sure you are prepared. For sunny climates, you will need plenty of sun cream to stay protected from the sun, as well as hats, swimming costumes, cool clothing etc. For colder climates, make sure you are layering up to keep nice and warm! Leave yourself enough time to make sure you have everything you need for your holiday. One of the most exciting parts about going on holiday is buying clothes and creating outfits to wear. Why not make a wishlist for items that you see this season to take on your holiday?

Here is a list of a couple of essentials to help you along the way…

Don’t forget


Chargers for your devices

Travelling abroad


European Health Insurance Card

Currency for where you will be travelling to

Plug adaptors

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