How To Prepare For The London Marathon

How To Prepare For The London Marathon

The London Marathon is a long-distance running event held each April and is part of the World Marathon Majors. This year it is taking place on Sunday 28thĀ April, which means there are less thanĀ 3 WEEKS TO GO! The public ballot entry system for the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon has now closed but for those who are preparing, here are some helpful tips for the remaining time you have left before the big run!


For the run, you need a good pair of running trainers. It is important that you find the right shoe for you as they contain specialised technology and design features to help you run! The shoe should hold your foot with no slippage at the heel or at the instep. As your feet flex during your stride, the ball of your foot should have room to spread and your toes should have room to lengthen.

Base miles

Base miles should set the pace for you running at a comfortable, conversational pace, at about 60 to 75 percent of your maximum heart rate. Make sure you have a base mileage, build it up over time and make sure you are running 3-5 times per week as you approach the event. To reduce the chance of injury, you can introduce cross-training into your routine – like cycling, the elliptical trainer and more to maintain fitness.

Long runs

Do your long runs and find the right pace for you. It is a long route and it needs practise! This will you give you more confidence on the day of the event and you definitely wonā€™t find it as difficult because you know you can do it!


To stay healthy and recover well during marathon training, you need to fuel your body efficiently. First, consume some carbohydrates before long, hard workouts to keep you running strong. Second, make sure you have some form of carbohydrates as quickly as possible after workouts. This will replenish your energy supply and help prevent muscles strains and aches. Another way to combat this is by making sure you consume more protein for muscle repair.

Time to recover

Ensure that you give yourself time for rest and recovery throughout the course of your training. It is important that muscles have time to recover and without this, all that training can’t happen in the first place.

If you want to get involved next year, make sure you know when the ballot opens and closes. It is a totally random ballot with no weighting – think of it as a draw for the Lottery! It is normally around April/May time and all applicants will hear the outcome of their ballot entry in mid-October. We are ready for the London Marathon 2019 and we hope you are too! Good luck to all the participants this year.

All information can be found here: Virgin Money London Marathon 2019

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