How To Set Achievable Goals For 2021

How To Set Achievable Goals For 2021

By now, as we are two weeks into the new year you will have probably set yourself a goal and failed it already. Veganuary? Dry January? To name a few. However, as we guide ourselves through this new year, which is like no other. We have composed a list of how you can set achievable goals for the year ahead.

When it comes to setting goals, setting the right ones is half the battle. You want to set yourself on with something that you will truly achieve and be proud of the accomplishment. There is no point setting yourself a PT inspired workout regime that you do not intend to keep.

Starting off simple, one goal that will no doubt help through lockdown 3.0 and any more that may come our way, is to create a morning routine for yourself. This includes setting yourself a target of getting up at a certain time and sticking to it. There is an abundance of sleep apps that can help you along the way, but even the simple sleep app on your iPhone can give you a sleep routine that ensures you walk up on time and kick start your day without pressing snooze.

Drink more. And we don’t mean alcohol but the good old H2O. Not only will this improve your hydration levels but will keep your brain more active. Once you make the effort to hydrate you will see a difference in everything, including your skin.

If the upheaval of last year taught us anything, it’s the importance of self-care. Whatever that may be for you personally: meditating, pampering, taking time from social media. This is one goal that is an essential in ensuring your both mental and physical health, doing wonders for boosting your productivity also.

Make the most of the time we have. It’s time that we all enjoy life more, whether it’s taking time to travel, reconnecting with old friends. Lockdowns have given us the time to think and appreciate all experiences we may have taken for granted before.

Goal setting may seem overwhelming, but take the opportunity to make the most of the year that lies ahead and how you want to spend your 2021.

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