How To Spend Valentines At Home This Year

How To Spend Valentines At Home This Year

We know you’ve heard it all already. “We’re in unprecedented times”, “Things are a little different this year” and all the rest of it. But Valentines Day makes no exception from this. The usual dinner dates and trips away are off the cards. So what do you do when your options are limited to Valentines at home? Don’t worry, whether you’re seeing your partner in person or if you can only see each other virtually, we’ve got you covered.

Movie Night

Movie night is an easy classic. In fact, the hardest part will be deciding on a movie you both enjoy. If you’re looking for a rom-com, Friends with Benefits is a great option, or if you’re more into action movies then perhaps Avengers or Top Gun is an option. Or if you both love romance, The Notebook or Dirty Dancing may be the ones for you. Whatever you decide to watch, make sure you’re stocked up on popcorn and snacks and maybe even get a bottle of wine for the evening. Looking for a virtual option? Teleparty is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to watch Netflix together, or alternatively Disney+ has a “Watch Film Together” option. Set up the movie on your laptop, set up FaceTime, and you’ve got yourself a virtual movie night!

Games Night

If a movie night isn’t quite enough and you want something to do alongside it, or if you’re just looking for something a little more interactive, then a games night is the way forward. Keep it nostalgic with board games like Jenga, Scrabble and if you’re feeling brave; Monopoly. If you’re keeping things virtual, Heads Up is a fun option. Just download the app and play together! Or if you’re thinking about a double date, we love Mr and Mrs. All you need is a sign with both your pronouns attached and a stack of questions to ask about the couples on the Zoom call, and then see who knows each other the best!


Another classic option for a Valentines at Home. You can choose to do this together if you’re within each others bubble, or virtually. For a virtual takeout, you can order from the same place or order the same cuisine and then hop on FaceTime and have a virtual takeout with each other.

Create a 3-Course Meal

Takeout not enough? Spice things up by creating a three course meal together and getting dressed up. Just because you can’t go out for a meal doesn’t mean you can’t bring the fancy meal to your home! If it’s virtual, set up FaceTime and get cooking together. You can help guide each other through recipes and make cooking alone a little more fun!

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