How To Style A Cross Body Bag

How To Style A Cross Body Bag

We’re mid fashion week season, with the new season looks from Paris, London, New York and Milan already hitting the runway. One common accessory that we have noted across each city, for both men and women, is the ever-versatile cross body bag. Check out Tessuti’s top cross body bag styling tips below:

Match your accessories

Accessories can add layers to your outfit. The next level? Matching features across accessories. This could be replicating a pop of colour through your accessories and shoes as seen in our Milan Street Style review. Otherwise, you can match iconic brand features. For example, check out the possibilities of coordinating the C.P. lens between a cross body bag and a jacket.

C.P. Company Cross Body Bag

Size down

When experimenting with a cross body, size is key. Brands like Jaquemus and Louis Vuitton recently debuted the tiny cross body. But at Tessuti we are aiming to keep accessories practical whilst still stylish. That said, try not to fall into the trap of treating your cross body as a backpack. This accessory is not meant to fit your laptop and notebook in the same way as your work bag, so try and refrain from hunting for a bag that will achieve this. Instead, focus on your essential everyday carry – think phone, wallet, travel charger etc.

Valentino Cross Body Bag

Get experimental with pattern

Once you’ve decided on the size of bag that you need, it’s time to start building the look of your outfit. Although colour blocking can be a safe go-to look for those with less experience, making the most of pattern can be a true step-up in style. For men, brands like Maison Margiela and Versace Jeans Couture are leading the way here. For women, Vivienne Westwood has got your back.

Decide on your best way to wear

Most cross body bags can be styled one of three ways: over the shoulder, on the waist or across the chest. However, we would recommend the latter. As the name suggests, cross body bags are most comfortable across the body because pockets are easily accessible here and the bag is kept secure over your shoulder.

MCQ Cross Body Bag

For versatile and stylish cross body bags – shop the Tessuti range.

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