Ideas for home: what to do when staying in

Ideas for home: what to do when staying in

Sometimes it’s nice to avoid the mayhem of weekend crowds. Sitting at home where you can sport your comfiest clothing and have fun with your friends in your slippers. Reinvent what having a lazy day means by trying out some of these fun things to do at home.

Take it outdoors

Instead of being a couch potato in your living room, why not take it outside in the garden with an outdoor cinema experience. Treat yourself to a projector and turn your garden fence into a huge screen for you to binge watch the entire Harry Potter series whilst eating some homemade popcorn.


Take inspiration from everyone’s favourite baking show and have a bestie Bake off. Each of you can make your own cake and decide who wins by eating them straight out of the oven… It’ll likely turn out that you’re both baking experts and should apply for the next series.

A classic board game

Another option is to revert to old classic board games like Monopoly or Game of Life. Who will storm off first after insisting they’re owed money by someone for landing on their house? Who will cheat first by hiding all their money? Who knows, but wouldn’t you love to find out?

Picnic heaven

We all love some picnic food so here’s the perfect excuse to indulge in some of your favourite nibbles without having to swat away a million wasps or narrowly avoid a football flying your way. Throw a blanket on the floor, pack your picnic basket and take a stroll through to the living room where you can enjoy a sausage roll and a picnic egg stress free.

With these fun ideas in mind, why not swap the shops for the sweats and throw on your comfiest clothes for a relaxed day at home.


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