In Conversation With Addis Miller X Moose Knuckles

In Conversation With Addis Miller X Moose Knuckles

Taking to the hot seat, we are joined by the model turned ambassador, Addis Miller. Wearing none other than the iconic outerwear brand Moose Knuckles. Discussing all things fashion, lifestyle and answering those all-important Christmas questions for the six at six ‘In Conversation With’ series.

How have you been keeping busy this year?

I’ve been keeping busy doing a lot of fitness, making sure I was in a routine each day not letting the days slide by too quickly.

Do you prefer to be at home or abroad at Christmas?

I went abroad last year for Christmas, to Thailand. I went on my own and it was amazing. I like Christmas but I do find it kind of boring, it was nice to be in the sun and it was amazing so I will probably do the same this year if I can.

What is your favourite trend?

So it would have to be a Tik-Tok. I’m so bad at dancing but I embrace it.

What is your 2020 anthem?

Still not a player by Big Pun

What is your favourite piece of advice?

Work as hard as you can on yourself, and just keep working hard.

Six items on your Christmas wish-list?

Range rover, massive house, holidays once a month for the whole of next year, the others can just be simple.

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