In Conversation With: Ellis Iyayi X Polo Ralph Lauren

In Conversation With: Ellis Iyayi X Polo Ralph Lauren

Our latest ‘In Conversation With’ series takes a look at the London based ambassador: Ellis Iyayi to bring a positive and uplifting mentality to the current Lockdown 2.0 Christmas situation we are all faced with. Gifted up in Polo Ralph Lauren, we discuss party tricks, personal style and his best pieces of advice.


If there’s one thing Ellis brings is his energy, the result? Take a look for yourself at the IGTV here

Describe your style?
Looking fresh, but not trying too hard that is when you are winning. Don’t make it look like you’ve tried too hard with your outfits, but know deep down that you are looking fresh.

What is your 2020 anthem?
Nigerian blood – Burna Boy, Wonderful. This is what I am saying.

What is your favourite piece of advice?
I think it would be care less and focus on what you want to do. Whatever you choose to do it’s about doing it with passion

How have you been keeping this year?
I have been trying new things: whether it be sports, hobbies and even business ideas. It’s about being adventurous with it and enjoying whatever you do.

What is your favourite thing about winter?
It would have to be cosy food. You know that food that when it comes out of the oven gives you a warm feeling, take a shepherd’s pie, you put it in the oven and you pull it out and it’s all warm and cosy. Have it with a hot chocolate, or tea and some biscuits. I love it.

Do you have a party trick?
Someone pass me a pillow… Ellis then proceeded to show how he could do a headstand. The ultimate party trick.

Head to our IGTV for more from the ‘In Conversation With’ series and shop the Christmas campaign now.

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